Hanna Ollikainen

Hanna Ollikainen was born in 1991. She is originally from Finland but moved to Sweden in 2014 to start the studies in the mime line in STDH. Hanna has an artistic background strongly based on music but has been acting and dancing for several years as well. She started playing the violin and singing when she was very young, around five years old. When she was 19 she did her first role in a play and since then she has been acting and also singing in different productions in theatre, dance and film. The end of her second year in STDH she spent as an exchange student in Sao Paulo Escola de Teatro and studied in the blue module of "performativity" with the Humor line. In the future Hanna has a strong will to work in all fields of performative arts, internationally. In addition to her mothertongue finnish, she is fluent in swedish and english and knows a little bit of german, spanish and portuguese. 



Tel: +358505235773

e-mail: hannamaria.ollikainen@gmail.com


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Ollikainen, Hanna

E-post:  hanna.ollikainen@student.uniarts.se

Utbildning:  Mimskådespeleri

Utbildningen pågår:  Avgångsklassen 2017