KU-slutseminiarium Transmedia 20 november 2013

Inbjudan till KU-slutseminarium

Tid: Onsdag 20 november kl. 17.00-19.00
Lokal: TV-studion i D-huset, Valhallavägen 189



Josephine Rydberg Lidén and Mathias Noschis started their transmedia study with very different standpoints and a common need for finding out more. Josephine was very much in love with transmedia, seeing it as the natural hybrid between two forms of art that she was most invested in; film and participatory kinds of gaming like table top RPGs (role playing games) or LARP (live action role playing). Mathias on the other hand was in love with only film and a little annoyed at this transmedia take on things at so many film industry events. Not being attracted to participatory activities himself, he saw no use for it if it didn't support or effectively promote the film.

They also saw a string of case studies where the quality of the user experience was completely ignored and participation used simply because new technologies made it easy or to point at some shallow but apparently substantial engagement around a project, like so many likes on facebook. They decided that there was a need to understand if real evaluations and measurements of the impact of transmedia storytelling or rather the quality of the experience of the transmedia story, which is a different thing, can be made and if social media monitoring might be adapted as a tool to do so.

After presenting their study at a few academic and non-academic events around Europe, Mat and Jo will do a presentation of their findings and conclusions and collect as much input as possible from the group to incorporate into their final writing. They hope you would like to be part of that group and look forward to seeing you at the seminar.

About the seminar leaders:

Josephine Rydberg Lidén

  • Teaches transmedia at SADA
  • Strategic developer for film and crossmedia in Gävleborg
  • Proud LARPer

Mathias Noschis

  • Film marketing professional
  • International experience in advertising, public relations and social media for Toy Story 3, Black Swan, The A-Team, Piranha 3D...
  • Buzz monitoring expert

The seminar will be in English.

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