Acting programme in Swedish Sign Language

The acting programme in Swedish Sign Language is a three-year academic programme that aims to educate independent and artistically aware actors for professional activities in theatre, film, TV, etc. The programme started in August 2011.

The contents of the programme are the same as the acting programme at the Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts (Teaterhögskolan i Stockholm), but with the cultural perspective of Deaf people and sign language. Thus new subjects on sign language presentation and translation have been added. Sign language presentation will include storytelling, signing poetry, visual vernacular, sign mime and sign language articulation. Translation will give students basic knowledge of translation from written to signed texts.

Other subjects include dance, movement, theatre performance studies, mask work, devising, improvisation, etc. During the term of study these subjects will be integrated with the main subject of scenic presentation in order to create a larger whole, and an overall understanding of the processes that actors work with.

Guest lecturers from both Sweden and abroad will be involved in instruction in order to give students the best possible breadth and depth of professional knowledge regarding acting with sign language on the stage.

Students will be able to do an internship with a professional sign language theatre ensemble and the programme will conclude with a staged production at the school.

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Lars Otterstedt

Lecturer in dramatic interpretation in Swedish Sign L anguage.

Lars Otterstedt received his training at the Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts between 1993 and 1996. Since then, he has mainly worked at the Swedish National Touring Theatre/Tyst Teater (Silent Theatre) as an actor and director, although he has also worked with Teater Manu (Norway), Uganda Deaf Silent Theatre and others. He has also worked in film and television. For many years, he has held workshops in dramatic interpretation performed in sign language.