ENCEPA - Expanding Territories

- an expansive European symposium.

Dans och Cirkushögskolan (DOCH) och StDH erbjuder yrkesverksamma inom scenkonstområdet 18 platser till symposium i Oslo i juni 2012.


European Network for Continuing Education in Performing Arts

Date: June 2nd to 5th 2012

Deadline for application: April 10th 2012


Oslo National Academy of the Arts
Fossveien 24, Grünerløkka

Expanding Territories

Expanding Territories is funded by the support of EU's Leonardo da Vinci programme.

This is an expansive European symposium consisting of four intense workshops, lectures and debates for professional performing artists who seek to research and determine their own creativity and conditions of work!

How do we strengthen our curiosity and artistic courage? How do you motorize your own artistic production and knowledge production?

The workshops will investigate different artistic approches and processes related to developing new ideas and new ways of working and will be led by director Caroline McSweeney (Ireland/Denmark), choreographer Taavet Jensen (Estonia), director Daniel Wetzel (Germany), and writer/director Ant Hampton (England).

Expanding territories is an event that gives the artist a unique opportunity to meet and work with colleges from other countries. An event where the focus is on the process and where there are no expectations towards the product.

KHIO International Acting festival - an international meeting of acting methods and approaches - will take place at the same time. The workshop participants will have the opportunity to meet Lenard Petit from Michael Chekov Acting Studio, New York, and the Norwegian choreographer Jo Strømgren.

Working language

The working language will be English.


A maximum of 50.

DOCH and StDH offer 18 Swedish participants free travel, hostel/hotel and lunch (maximum 3 000 SEK).

Application procedure

The selection will be based on an overall assessment of the documents, CV and motivation.

For Swedish participants: Please, use the application form to the right on this page. Fill it in, print it out and send it to

Bodil Persson
P.O. Box 27043
102 51  Stockholm

Artistic cv: You can either enclose your detailed artistic cv in the envelope or e-mail it to Bodil Persson, bodil.persson@doch.se

Note: f you have Acrobat Reader Professional, you can download the form, use Save as and give the document your name, and then e-mail the application to Bodil Persson.

For other participants: You will find out how to apply on the ENCEPA website.


Saturday June 2nd

13.00‐15.30 Introduction and presentation
Lecture: A process to create perspective by Niels Krøjgaard

16.00‐18.30 Workshops begins

20.00‐? Joint party at Norske Teater, Bikuben

Sunday June 3rd

10.00‐12.00 Lecture: Chekov method by Lenard Petit

12.00‐13.00 Joint lunch

13.00‐18.00 Workshops continues

20.00‐22.00 Lecture: How to approach an idea by Jo Strømgren

Monday June 4th

10.00‐12.00 Lecture: Post dramatic theatre

12.00‐13.00 Joint lunch

13.00‐18.00 Workshops continues

20.00‐22.00 HIFs graduation performance

Tuesday June 5th

10.00‐13.00 Workshops continues

14.00‐16.00 Showings and round up by Serge von Arx

Subject to change

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ENCEPA - Expanding Territories

an expansive European symposium,
2-5 juni 2012,

Ansökan: Sista ansökningsdag var 10 april 2012

Kontakt, frågor

Bodil Persson, DOCH:
 +46 (0) 7367383 68

Katarina Tillberg, StDH: 
+46 (0)8 120 531 57

Symposiet genomförs med stöd från Nordisk kulturfond.

Ansökningsblankett och program med workhops

Läs mer på ENCEPAS webbplats