Camilla Damkjaer

08-49 400 293

Camilla Damkjaer is a researcher in the field of dance and circus. At DOCH she teaches, among other things, dance theory, dance history, aesthetic theory, philosophies of the body and methodologies of academic and artistic research. In her work she is crossing theory and practice, physicality and philosophy in order to challenge the assumptions of what dance and circus is and the kinds of knowledge they can produce. 

In her Ph.D. thesis The Aesthetics of Movement – Variations on Gilles Deleuze and Merce Cunningham (2005) she addressed the meeting point between dance and philosophy with an interpretation of Gilles Deleuze’s philosophy and the choreography of Merce Cunningham. As a part of this work she addressed choreography and movement as an art that traverses many formats, and studied particular choreographic figures in the philosophy and writing of Deleuze and their importance in his thinking. She even experimented with the possibilities of transferring methods from Cunningham’s choreography into the process of writing.

In the project “Homemade Academic Circus” she is confronting academic and artistic research, through her own experience of passing from theory into circus practices. In “Homemade Academic Circus” she is addressing the production of knowledge in circus techniques, and how artistic and practice-based research can enhance the theoretical understanding of circus in particular, and the performing arts in general. In this project she has been using the format of the lecture-performance in order to explore the relation between physicality and philosophy, and what their dialogue may produce in a specific embodied process.

Research interests: bodily practices and their articulation, contemporary dance and circus, Deleuzian studies, phenomenology, methodology within artistic research, paradigms of knowledge and how they affect the arts.

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