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Kirsi Nevanti is a filmmaker with several shorts and creative documentaries for TV and Cinema distribution under her belt, Nevanti is today working on her PhD research on creative processes and parallel realities of documentary film at the Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts.

Nevanti´s work highlights artistic practice and processes from a documentary filmmaker´s point of view. The starting point is a truly traumatic experience in the field whilst doing research with a camera; when life is your stage director, anything can happen. How much are people willing to do to earn their fifteen minutes of fame?

Nevanti says, my point of departure is Einstein´s “Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.” Also,  making films is a particularly strenuous way of thinking and formulating the countless mysteries of existence. I hope that my research can contribute to the expansion of knowledge. In particular I want to help develop a creative space where reflections can possibly bounce back with a new resonance.

Nevanti has also just completed a screenplay based on the highly acclaimed author Asko Sahlberg´s original novel Hämärän Jäljet (The Tracks of Twilight).

Nevanti is also teaching directing at Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts, in Stockholm, Sweden. Two of her earlier films have been selected to Joris Ivens Competition: Tomorrow Never Knows (idfa 2006) and Among The Elves (Honorary Mention, IDFA 1999), her work has also been selected to  Critics Week at Locarno Film Festival  as well as Göteborg International Film Festival, among others.

Work-In-Progress 2013: A Shift Between Worlds

Work-In-Progress 2013: A Shift Between Worlds


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""In Real Life (or Elsewhere)

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Germaine Greer at SADA

Germaine Greer, Australian academic and journalist, is a major feminist voice of the later 20th century. She visited Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts October 10th 2012.

Tove Torbiörnson from the Swedish Film Institute, Germaine Greer and PeÅ Holmquist, professor of documentary film, on stage.

The audience is listening.
Photo: Kirsi Nevanti