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Manifesto – en föreställning i fyra akter

Manifesto har arbetats fram av dansutbildningen på DOCH (Dans och cirkushögskolan) tillsammans med ljud- och ljusdesignutbildningarna på StDH. Studenterna delades in i fyra team och har nu arbetat fram ett manifest vardera.

Föreställningen spelas på StDH fredag den 15 och lördag den 16 november och ca 1 tim och 35 min (inkl paus).

Biljetterna är gratis och bokas via länken i högerspalten.

Medverkande och medskapande:

Studenter från dansutbildningen på DOCH

Studenter från Ljuddesignutbildningen och Ljusdesignutbildningen på StDH

Varje team beskriver sitt manifest med följande rader:

Team 1
We consider movement as body, light and sound. If the information of one movement parameter changes, the associations connected to what you perceive change as well. We are interested in working with plural pictures that at first seems to be something and then appears to be something else. We are not looking for the specific truth of this else, but instead an opening up for different interpretations. We are all the time being approached by information, with no guidance in what to hold on to. This creates an uncertainty that we all have to deal with.

Team 2
You have hearing but you cannot hear 
You have vision but you cannot see
You cannot sense smell
You cannot sense taste
You sense but you cannot feel

The human perception is a -1 correlation

Paus 15 minuter

Team 4
I howl through flesh and concrete
I cut with scissors in my constantly falling mucus
This is it.
Why are we doing this?
Why am I doing this?
Why are you doing this?
Why are we doing this?

…Is this it, it is it, this is it, is it it?

Team 3
We are exploring an ECOSYSTEM within the theater that deals with sound, light, bodies, smell. The rhythm from the roots of the stage, of the group and of the audience build the bases of this exploration. Play will help us to manage the building of a micro-eco-reality : play with the cajóns, the rules, the sounds, the songs, the lights, the movements, the bodies ; even if they don’t belong to us. We are strongly feeling what we are making, in a good, a bad, a confusing and sometimes a horse way.

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15 november kl 19.00
16 november kl 12.00

Föreställningen är ca 1,35 minuter inkl paus

Fri entré.

Spelas i teatern i D-huset på StDH
Valhallavägen 189, T-bana Karlaplan