Männen från Vidsel

English title: The Men From Vidsel

A graduation film by Sven Blume from the Documentary Film Programme 2013 at Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts.

”If you want to find someone in Vidsel, that would be pretty darn tricky. Most of the ladies are spoken for..."The solution is Thai girls, - they want to stay."

In the film The Men From Vidsel you will meet three men, who grew up in Vidsel, a small village in the north of Sweden. Despite their lives being impacted by the affect of depopulation, they decide to remain. Ultimately their search for a life partner leads them to Thailand. In the film we will get to know their thoughts about love, the relationship and the life in Vidsel. We also get to follow the Thai women and their thoughts of their new life far from their home country. A situation dependent on theirs husband’s money and driving license.


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This version is with English subtitles:

This version is with Swedish subtitles:

Director/Photographer/Producer: Sven Blume
Post production: Mattias Valenca
Editing: Hanna Storby
Sound: Tomas Sjögren, Viengmone Samuelsson
Music: Eirik Røland, Olle Markensten
Sound design and Mix: Andras Andersson, Ponytail Sound
Graphic design: Sandra Valenca
Still photo (poster): Per Kristiansen
Interpreter and Translator: Viengmone Samuelsson
Grade: Mattias Sandström

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Sven Blume (Foto: Bengt Söderström)
Sven Blume (Foto: Bengt Söderström)